Captivating Classroom Video: Archery

Sometimes you have to drop everything and show a YouTube video in class. It might be to support a lesson, validate your subject, encourage a student or collectively take the class’s mind off of something awkward that just happened. Cats falling is best in that last situation. This video is both captivating and validates all of the subjects I teach. My husband found it after he fell down a rabbit hole of conspiracy videos over his morning coffee.

It is demonstrates the concept that humanity may have forgotten some things we were once good at. It shows learning through the use of primary and secondary sources. It confirms that reading is valuable in opening the door for you to achieve amazing things. It shows that there can be a connection between reading and athletics, and it displays the importance of leaving written records incase we know how to do something that humans of the future forget. Reading, Writing, and Social Studies made relevant.

Pull up this video and use it to recharge a lethargic class in any of these subjects.



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