Grammar and Spelling Made Relevant: Bad Tattoos

This summer, I watched a lot of garbage on Netflix. Some of the most enjoyable garbage, was a show about covering up bad tattoos. It occurred to me that while this is entertaining, viewing misspelled tattoos in bulk has a saddening effect that just might get through to your students (while also entertaining them.) So to make our editing practice relevant, I will be kicking off the year showing this slideshow:

Writing Does Matter

If you like it, use it. For added effect, you might play Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of the Angels” like in an abused puppy PSA, to really hammer home the tragedy of these tattoos. You could take a volunteer from the audience to dramatically sing it for you.

Originally I had included a slide that posed the question to my students: Would they have given me this job if I had a face tattoo of a twerking skeleton made out of pencils with a caption of “Sho You’re Werk.”? I decided to leave that out, because the rest of my team might not enjoy it as much as me.

Wishing you a great first week of school!



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