Some Do’s and Don’ts of Meet the Teacher

Each year I think I will have figured out just what to do to have a successful Meet the Teacher. Each year I learn from my mistakes, which is why I didn’t make stations for people to ignore and eat all my candy like last year. Here are some of the things I learned from this year, now with pictures!

Do: Put out a wish list. People actually took some of these things. It seems like they want their kids have clean hands and clean desks. This is an encouraging start to the year. (Don’t put a welcome sign right in front of the bathroom welcoming them to the toilets like I did here.)


Don’t: Make a desk-sized replica with simple directions of what to do. No one will read it and you just say all this stuff to them. If I ever find a way where people know what to do without me having to talk about it, I’ll let you know.


Don’t: Make a large creepy tree for your reading corner. Realize that it has failed in execution, but leave it there to creep everyone out.


Do: Put some rules and consequences in a prominent place and put an angry owl on it to let them know you mean business. They will know that a system already exists before they walk in the door the first day.



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