Here, Have this Calendar

The summer is dwindling and I am getting into that state where I cannot yet get into my classroom but feel I need to get set up for the year. It is also the time I start to mourn the impending loss of the stay-at-home mommery I am fortunate enough to experience each summer. Today I have spent alternating between staring into the faces of my sweet babies while building diaper box castles, and making this calender.

I attended a science seminar last week in which several teachers had these Erin Condren notebooks I had never heard of. They’re kind of a big deal. Still I don’t know what all really goes in there and I hear they cost a bit. It made me want a pretty spiral bound notebook with pretty pages instead of my usual teacher binder. Now I have to find a way to print one that is not my own ailing printer. If it turns out all the printing and binding will cost just as much, I will lament not having just bought the fancy notebook. Here are 2 of the 9 page options you get by downloading the file.


The file should be editable if you have other subjects or less subjects than me (I’m self-contained 5th grade this year.) You just have to be willing to fight the tables in Word. There are 9 different color schemes and a random blank page at the end I cannot seem to be rid of. It would come in handy if it were at the beginning because this file is intended to be printed back to back so that the matching pages face each other. You would write the week and date in the empty spaces of the graphic at the top. You would also need to print 4 sets to have enough for a whole school year.

 I got some of the banners across the top from other websites ( and so I get the feeling I am not supposed to make money off of it.I give it to you free, but let’s see who can follow directions. If you download this file I ask that you do 2 things.

1. Pin it to Pinterest

2. Find one other blog entry on to pin to Pinterest.

It’s the honor system. How honorable are you?

Good luck this year! (file below)

weekly calendar


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