Define Scrappy


As a former high school debater, I feel the need to define some terms before I start this blog(and apparently disclose my nerd credentials upfront)

Scrappy, according to the 2001 Microsoft Encarta Collegiate Dictionary (read as: the only one I had) is an adjective with four possible definitions:

  1. Consisting of scraps and fragments
  2. Poorly held together or structured
  3. Fighting with enthusiasm and determination
  4. Too ready to fight or quarrel

For the purpose of this blog, scrappy is definitions 2 and 3 cooked together low and slow in a crock pot for 8 hours until the two have become one indistinguishable dish with a questionable flavor profile. At 25 cents a serving you will feed this to your family with only fleeting reservations.

I am scrappy because I’m a parent to 2 children who are presently under the age of two years old. So while I may be “poorly held together or structured” after being gutted twice to have them, barely holding it together describes my life perfectly at times. I’m scrappy because I am a working mom and a 5th grade teacher. Like most others in my cohort, we are often spread pretty thin.

I’m scrappy because I fight “with enthusiasm and determination” each day in the roles of parent and educator. Many of us are one or both of those things, but don’t let our numbers fool you. Parents and teachers may not be rare, but their duties are of immeasurable importance to this world.

A cursory glance at the title of this site might have led you to believe that I have some kind of scrapbooking hobby or that this blog will be about that. I’m not and it won’t. That’s why we defined scrappy here.

Are you a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, public school teacher, private school teacher, homeschooling parent, principal, coach, volunteer, bus driver, lunch lady, para-professional, librarian, tutor, educational reformer, working parent, stay-at home parent, or expecting parent? Yes? Then you are scrappy. You are poorly held together at times but you are enthusiastic and determined in your roles in the lives of young people. Do you like scrapbooking? Yes? We’ll take you too, but most of what you will find here is about teaching or parenting.

Question: If you’re stretched soooooooo thin, how were you able to write this post?

Answer: I had help. See below.




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